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Best of Small Business Hosting!

When choosing a host for your small business there are many factors you need to consider. With literally thousands of hosting options out there it can be difficult to ascertain which hosting service will offer your business the features you need at the cost that makes sense. In order to help we've crunhed the data and come up with the top small business host, and the winner is: Host Monster!

The Quick Breakdown
  • Guaranteed at least 99.9% uptime
  • Award winning 24/7 Support
  • Years of top ranked performance and customer satisfaction
  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage
  • Steller feature set which includes dozens of easy to install packages such as blogs, forums, shopping carts, and more
  • Extremely affordable pricing
Full Review
When selecting the best small business host we wanted to make sure that we considered several important factors but at the top of our list we put: reliability and uptime, support, customer satisfaction, and price. When we reviewed these areas it quickly became clear that Host Monster was the best small business host out there. We did a lot of checking with other reviews and found that our conclusion is not unique, as a matter of fact Host Monster has won numerous awards from a great amount of other review sites as well. If you're in the market for a solid host for your new business then this is definitely the host for you.
Host Monster - Best of the Web Hosts #1 Host
• Best Small Business Host!
• Best of the Web Hosts!

• Space/Traffic: Unlimited
• Top Rated Support
• Unlimited Email Accounts
• Free Domain
• SSH Access
• Host Unlimited Sites
• $25 Yahoo Credit
• $50 Google Credit

• Price: $3.95! (HOT DEAL!)
Exclusive Pricing!

Read Full Review

Host Monster

Review Summary
Quick Overview
User Reviews

Price: $3.49! Limited Time Promotion, Lowest 1-Year Price Ever!

Review Summary

Host Monster has unloaded on the competition with a promotional price of $3.49. This price is only available through a few select partners and we just so happen to be one. In addition to the rediculously low monthly cost they also have one of the best support teams of all shared hosting services out there. While they claim their average hold time is less than 2 minutes and with our 4 tests done at different times of the day we found the average hold time was only 47 seconds. That's impressive by any standard! They also include great support for shopping carts, forums, photo galleries, and other things which are easily installed/added to your website. If you're looking for an all around great feature set, low cost, and quality host then Host Monster is the host for you.

Cost/Value: Can't be beat - unless you're willing to sacrifice quality and features then $3.49 is the best price around.

Storage/Bandwidth: You can't get much more than unlimited.

Features: Robust is the word that comes to mind. They offer pretty much everything we could think of.

Reliability: Uptime contantly ranks up with the best of all hosting services.

Support: Ar great support team. Hold times were under 2 minutes and they appeared very knowledgeable.

Money Back: 30 Days.

Quick Overview

General Impression: 92%
Additional Features: 97%
Price/Quality: 95%
Reliability & Uptime: 95%
Tech Support: 98%

Web Space: Unlimited
Monthly Bandwidth: Unlimited
Max Domains: Unlimited
POP3 Email: Unlimited
Subdomains: Unlimited
FTP Accounts: Yes
MySQL Databases: Yes
Yahoo Marketing Credit: $50
Google Marketing Credit: $50
Site Builder: Yes
Money Back: 30 Days
Support: 24/7 toll free


Free Domain Name: Yes
Add-on Domains: Unlimited
Parked Domains: Unlimited
Subdomains :Unlimited
Max Domains: Unlimited
Support International Domain Names: Yes

Site Builder: Yes
Web File Manager: Yes
FTP Access:Yes
Additional FTP Accounts: Unlimited
Anonymous FTP: Yes
Shell Access (SSH): Yes
Account "Control Panel": Cpanel
MySQL Databases: 100
PostgreSQL Databases: 100
CGI Library: Yes
Custom Cronjobs: Yes
Hotlink Protection: Yes
Fantastico Script Support: Yes
Scripting: CGI, PHP 5, Perl 5, Python, Ruby/Ruby on Rails, Support For Custom PHP.INI Files
Databases: MySQL 5 Database Server, PostgreSQL Database Server
Javascript/DHTML: Yes
Flash/Shockwave: Yes
Log Files + Site Stats: Yes
Customizable Error Pages: Yes
Override .htaccess Support: Yes
Server Side Includes: Yes
Frontpage 2000/2002 Extensions: Yes

POP3/POP3 Secure Email Support: Unlimited
IMAP/Secure IMAP Email Support: Unlimited
Webmail Solutions: Yes
Forwarding Email Accounts: Unlimited
Email Autoresponder: Unlimited
Spam Assassin Protection: Yes


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What You Need to Know About Web Hosting
How Do I Choose a Web Host
There are currently hundreds of web hosts, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, and often it is difficult to tell one apart from the other. So how is it possible to determine which host is right for you needs? In order to be successful in picking the best web host for your needs you should consider each of these aspects of hosting.
What Makes a Good Domain Name
It's important to remember that your domain name is your website's residence on the internet. Choosing a poor domain name will immediately reduce possible traffic to your site as customers will be unable to find your website. When choosing your domain here are a few things to keep in mind:
Linux or Windows Host?
When selecting a web host you'll find that there are two primary options: Windows and Linux hosts. Knowing which to choose is primarily based off of what sort of scripting your website will need. For best performance and efficiency you'll want to select a host based off of the needs. Here's the breakdown:
Getting Search Engine Results
Getting your website to rank high in search engines is a challange. For some it comes easy and for others its a constant struggle. There are entire books written on the subject so this article will definitely only touch on a few basics, but luckily there are a few easy and quick things that will get you started.
What Search Engine Optimization Services Do You Need?
Search engine optimization Services are a vital part of online marketing. As an Internet business owner, one of the most important things that you need to do is get people to surf through your site so that they see what you have to offer and, hopefully, buy your products or services. Since the most common way that Internet surfers use to look for the information on products or services is a search engine, then it is to your advantage to...
Simple Scripts - Adding Features to Your Website Made Easy
Have you ever wished your website had a forum, a blog, a photo galley, or maybe even a shopping cart? And you were so excited to get that all set up until you realized you had no idea how to do it and quickly became so frustrated trying to find an easy solution you just gave up? What if all you had to do was click one button. If only it were that easy you say? Seriously, it's now that easy - or so claims the team at Simple Scripts. We're putting their single-click script installation system to the test and comparing it against their competitors Fantastico and Installatron.
Tips For Changing Web Hosts
Moving from one host to another is both exciting and daunting at the same time. While you're likely moving to a new host because they have a better plan offering your more performance, features, and stability and the price that fits your budget there are a few critical steps you should remember to avoid causing yourself unnecessary headaches.
Should I Pay For My Blog?
When starting your blog it is important to first determine what is the purpose of the blog. If your blog is for nothing more than personal joy or perhaps a place to share thoughts with a select number of individuals then a free blog is perfectly acceptable. On the other hand, if your blog has aims at making money or perhaps feeding information to a larger number of people perhaps it's time to consider investing a little to maximize your blogs effective reach.
Does My Web Host Have Good Support?
When selecting a web host it is very important to ensure that they have an adequate support system in place. Here are some keys to making sure your new host is going to have the ability to support your needs.
How to Transfer a Domain Name
Transfering a domain name from one registrar to another can appear a confusing and complex issue. In reality it's really quite simple after you've gathered a few important pieces of information.
WordPress WordCamp 2008
Matt Mullenweg, one of the founding developers of WordPress was the keynote speaker at Saturday’s WordCamp event in Provo, Utah. His speech included a summary of WordPress developments this year and included a large list of what’s next for the fast-growing, free blogging service.
How to Increase Blog Traffic
These days everyone has a blog but most of them float unread out on the internet cloud. So the big question I keep hearing is how do I get more traffic to my blog? The answer is simple, and if you are willing to put in a little time you can do it for free as well.
Types of Web Hosting
Before selecting a web host it is paramount that you understand the various types of hosting options you have. Every website has different needs and meeting your site's needs will help produce a satisfying end result. Hosting services available to you will likely fall into one of the following categories:
Hosting Wars
Shared web hosting is an ever evolving service with constantly dropping monthly fees. With thousands of hosts all vying for your business in a relatively similar service industry one of the primary features used to lure new customers is price, but with prices on many of the better hosts already down around $7 a month can they really afford to drop further?
What Blog Software Should I Use?
So you want to create a blog but you aren't sure what blogging service will best fit your needs. Welcome to the club! There are a number of great options out there but each service has its own strengths and weaknesses. To help you find the best service we've gathered up all the important data so enjoy the read and hopefully when you're done you'll be better prepared to pick the best service for your needs!
How to Register a Domain Name?
The actual process of registering a Domain Name is actually quite a simple. Where most people run into trouble is in choosing a good registrar (the place you pay to do the actual registration) and in choosing a good domain name. To help avoid common pitfalls we've put together the following guide as well as our top ranked domain host.
Looking For More Articles? Here's Some Places We've Found Great Articles
There are plenty of free, well-written articles about every subject you can think of. We've included a list of some sites you might like to visit.

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